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I'm the worst...

Victoria Logan-Berg

So it's now July 21st and I haven't written a blog post for months and I promised I would, I truely am the worst. I have lots of boring reasons why I haven't written but the main one is that I haven't been as poductive as I hoped I would be this year. I decided in 2014 to make my textiles a part time job as I needed a 'real' job to bring in money for my wedding and general living costs, it's now a year and a half later and I can tell you my part time 'real' job has taken over my life and my textiles have taken an almost permanent backseat :( However I vow to change this and have actually been working on some new designs and product ideas for winter 2016 and really hope I can find time to actually get them finished in time, so watch this space :) I promise I will post updates (if they happen) and fingers crossed the next few months are more productive than the last 18 months!

Here's a wee pic of some of the fabric designs I have been working on (see I have been a tiny bit productive!)

The challenges of knitting

Victoria Logan-Berg

So I promised myself I would blog more this year as I took far too much time off in 2015, (mainly due to the fact I was planning my wedding and pretty much everything non essential got forgotten...) and it is now the end of April and this is only my second post, so huge apologies, I promise to write more about my knitting adventures on a more regular basis. So on to the subject of this blog post!

I decided 2016 would be the year I try new things in knitting, and set myself a couple of challenges:

  • learn how to knit socks
  • do some knitwear knitting on the passap
  • come up with new products for winter 2016

So the final point is fairly easy, I have loads of new product ideas, too many actually, so I plan on only introducing a couple of new products and maybe phasing out some old ones. The more tricky challenges are the learning new knitting skills. Now I love knitting, and I love challenges, and decided the best way to learn how to knit socks is to hand kit them first, then try them on the machine. And now I have a problem, I chose super fine wool, and I'm not the fastest knitter, I'm so used to machine knitting I forgot how slow hand knitting is in comparison! plus I have barely anytime to actually knit (the joys of working a part time job alongside).

So my big challenge this year has turned into will I actually finish my hand knitted sock before the end of the year? I shall keep you updated along with all my new designs, products and ideas. And I really do promise to blog more!




New year, new website

Victoria Logan-Berg

We are now over a month in to the New Year and I thought 2016 should be the year I update my website :) I am also woking on some new ideas and projects and will try and keep blogging more regularly this year. I hope you like the new website, and if there is any information you would like to see on it let me know!